Fields & Clouds Gallery

Hallway view of the Fields & Clouds Gallery
Gallery layout and canvas print production by Joe Besasie, Universal Framing Inc, Minneapolis.

Lorelee Wederstrom 
Fine Art Photographer

Former Director of Facilities & Capital Planning for the Health Sciences (Retired 2016)

Nature’s impact on our health and well being are inextricably linked. By now, a great number of  studies show the benefit to humans of spending time in nature.….physically, emotionally and  spiritually. In healthcare environments where patients and families benefit from representations  of calm and relaxed imagery, in learning institutions where exposure to the natural world can  reduce fatigue and stress and in the corporate work world, a visual feast of nature can be  transforming.  

The amount of “green space” in these environments present unique opportunities for artists to supply their own perspective of nature’s gifts. I invite you to walk this gallery of “Fields and Clouds” and simply absorb; or create time for the reflections that suit you……physically, emotionally, spiritually.  

Artist Statement  

Lorelee Wederstrom
Lorelee Wederstrom

As a professional planner for almost 20 years at the University of Minnesota, I had the unique  privilege of working on a team of health science education leaders who first envisioned this  building. The building, as a dedicated center for inter professional health sciences learning and  discovery, was years in the making. In 2014-2015, just before my retirement, I worked with our selected predesign team to oversee the program development, site selection, concept design  and construction study; a work that would eventually be approved by the Board of Regents,  sent to the legislature for funding, and enacted. 

It is a true honor for me to have my work installed in this building. 

As a fine art photographer, I offer this statement on behalf of all of my work: 

Photography is a means of seeing and experiencing what I perceive as beautiful. It's a vehicle  that allows me to imagine and express my connection with what I think of as essence, or  energy, in my world. I believe that the human spirit is inextricably linked to the natural world  and that we are nourished by this relationship, however we individually define or experience it. My purpose as a photographer is to explore and deepen this collaboration with nature for  myself in order to share it with others and, in that way, to cultivate a deeper relationship for all  of us.  

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The Fields & Clouds Gallery is on HSEC 7th floor, near the Wellbeing Studio.