Lactation & Wellness Spaces

Wellness Lactation Room
HSEC 7-171 Lactation Space

The Health Sciences Education Center (HSEC) has four total spaces for Lactation and Wellness. Two of the four spaces are used for lactation only; the remaining two are designated as wellness rooms, which can be used for prayer, meditation, lactation, and more. 

Lactation Spaces

If you need to pump or express breast milk while on campus, HSEC has two specifically designated lactation spaces available to students, staff, faculty, and visitors. These spaces are only used for lactation needs. Complete the form below to gain access to the code and appointment calendar.

Location: HSEC 7-171 and PWB 2-242C  |  Contact: [email protected]

See the Lactation Resources website for a full list of public lactation spaces on campus.

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Wellness Spaces

All health interdisciplinary students are invited to use our Wellness rooms. It provides students with a comfortable environment in which they can comprehensively tend to their wellbeing. Students may use this for prayer, meditation, stretching, stress relief, sensory relief, lactation, among many other uses! Students can schedule appointments freely based on their needs once they have registered with the space.

Location: HSEC 2-109 and 2-111  |  Contact: [email protected]

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