Guiding Principles

HSEC Photograph ©Peter J Sieger
Image © Lara Swimmer

HSEC exemplifies our commitment to excellence in teaching and supports active learning. Within the 202,000 square foot building, HSEC contains 14 active learning classrooms with a combined capacity of 882 students.

The design of active learning classrooms encourages student interaction with each other and with the instructors. It is ideal for small group work and problem solving. It does not favor the use of lengthy lectures for teaching. Instructors who use lecture as their main teaching approach will need to include active learning as part of their everyday teaching.

Luckily, there are plenty of models for effectively transitioning a course using primarily lecture to active learning. There are support resources available for faculty members to transition to an active learning classroom. Additionally, there are resources, such as the Center for Educational Innovation and Teaching Support @UMN that can support faculty with this process.